Technical Data

Our engineering department releases Engineering Bulletins,  Instruction Manuals and Maintenance & Operational Videos on an as-needed basis. They are intended to educate our customers about Betts products, regulations and other important information. Please check back on a regular basis for updates.

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Note: These Engineering Bulletins and Instruction Manuals are published in PDF Format.

Engineering Bulletins

Bulletin Date Subject
EB-01-18 1/20/18 Regulatory Instructions: Replacement of Pressure Relief Valves on MC306 Tanks
EB-02-17 Dec. 2017 Wet-R-Dri Valve Product Family Changes and New Product Introduction
EB-01-17 Nov. 2017 Issue with Leaking Air from Master Control on Air Distributor
EB-01-16 Nov. 2016 Design Change to the Disc and Seal for the External Chemical Hydraulic Valve
EB-01-15 April 2015 Important Notification for Gate/Sliding Valves Used in Hot Service Application
2-14 1/1/2014 Jack Screw Usage Instructions for Internal Air Emergency Valves
1-14 1/1/2014 New Look For Betts Normal Vents
4-12 8/1/2012 Modification of Internal Air Emergency Valve Breather Port
1-12 1/9/2012 Water Flow Rates of Betts Emergency Valves
1-11 1/11/2011 Important Design Modification Alert for Betts Internal Air Valves
SB9-08 9/15/2008 Wet-R-Dri Valve Viton® Disc Material Update
8-08 8/25/2008 Important Design Modification Alert for Betts’ Hydraulic Valves
1-08 1/2/2008 Installation of Tiona Betts Clamp Ring Style Manhole Assemblies
1-05 6/2/2005 16″ Offset PAF Manhole Orientation Change
3-04 12/1/2004 Important Maintenance Procedure Required for Betts 8″ Surge Suppression Pressure Relief Valve Models 8276ALTS and 8277ALTS
8-03 10/27/2003 Maintenance and Use of Betts Sanitary Manway
7-03 10/27/2003 Maintenance and Use of Betts Full Opening Pressure Manholes
3-03 6/20/2003 Hydraulic Valve System Plumbing Schematic
2-03 6/20/2003 Cable Emergency Valve System Schematic
1-03 6/20/2003 Air Emergency Valve System Plumbing
4-02 10/23/2002 Emergency Valve Straight Lift Mechanism – Operational Notes
2-02 6/13/2002 Converting Wet-R-Dri Valves from Right Hand to Left Hand Operation
1-02 6/13/2002 Converting Air-Spring Wet-R-Dri Actuators from Normally Closed to Normally Open
1-01 10/31/2001 Aluminum Sequential Interlock Vapor Valve Mounting and Plumbing Configurations
4-00 9/28/2000 Packing Adjustment for Rear Head Valves and Hot Product Valves
3-00 2/9/2010 MAWP and Bursting Pressure Ratings for Betts Valves
2-00 3/20/2000 Stuffing Box Springs for Internal Chemical Hydraulic Valve CH45843SST
9-99 12/27/1999 Torque rating for Q.R.B. Hydrolet Clamp Rings
8-99 10/5/17 Safety Instructions – Outside Screw and Yoke (OS&Y) Hydrolet Valves
6-99 9/10/1999 Installation Procedure for 3” and 4” Wet-R-Dri Valves with 1-1/8” Thick Bodies
3-99 5/24/1999 Installation and Care Instructions for Teflon Encapsulated Square Gaskets for Tiona-Betts Full Opening Manholes
1-99 3/5/1999 Normal Vent Test Procedure
4-98 6/8/1998 Betts Hydraulic Sliding Valves – Mounting Instructions for Hydraulic Actuator
3-98 4/3/1998 Betts Air Actuator – Manual Operation Instructions
1-98 12/2/1999 Updating Packing in Chemical Hydraulic Valves

Bulletin numbers are derived by assigning a sequential number and then appending a dash and the year of original issue. For example, bulletin “3-2000” is the third bulletin published in calendar year 2000. The date indicates the current version of the bulletin. Some gaps exist in the list because certain Engineering Bulletins have been withdrawn due to obsolescence as designs and regulations change.

Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manuals

Manual # Subject Date  
MM-HY001 Hydrolet QRB Installation and Maintenance Manual Sept. 2017 download (979KB)
  Maintenance Manual for PAF 406-96 & PAF 406-98 Latch Style Surge Pressure Relief Valves and Manhole Assemblies 9/16/1999 download (497KB)
  Maintenance Manual for Full Surge Pressure Relief Valve & Manhole Assemblies 8/14/1998 download (675KB)
Model PAF 450 Assembly 11/17/09 REV-C download (7.11MB)
Quick Clean Spring Housing Assembly 2/27/08 REV-A download (3.44MB)
Quick Clean Chemical Hydraulic Valves 5/11/08 REV-A download (261KB)
Internal Chemical Hydraulic Valves 5/18/09 REV-A download (354KB)
Hydraulic Pump 2/9/11 REV-B download (1.1MB)
Air Manifold 6/9/09 REV-A download (4.9MB)
Pneumatic Sliding Valve 6/23/09 REV-A download (298KB)
Air Distributor Oct. 2017 REV-3 download (1MB)
Cam-Latch Manhole Opening and Closing Procedure 10/14/16 REV-A  download (663KB)