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Betts Product Catalogs may be ordered by speaking with a representative at 814-723-1250.

Betts quality lamps and lighting systems
feature these exclusive advantages:

  • Sealed yet bulb replacable!
  • A full line of lamps and junction boxes that have
    ample room for splices in a dry environment.
  • Controlled O.D. on stranded wire and cable for positive sealing.
  • Lowest voltage drop in the industry!
  • Choke seal entrances available in all heavy wall lamps and junction boxes.
  • All lamps and junction box lenses and covers are sealed with O rings.
  • All 4" and 7" lamps have shock mount bulb sockets for vibration dampening and shock resistance.
  • The only lighting where add ons or repairs do not jeopardize the integrity of the system.
  • Only bulbs require occasional replacement.

Betts BriteNight LED's are the only truly retrofittable LED lens assemblies on the market. They are manufactured utilizing the same proven quality methods used in our Snap-Seal lighting products and feature the following advantage:

  • Low amperage draw utilizing maximum diodes
  • Available in both shallow and deep lens configurations
  • Completely sealed connections
  • Long life with low maintenance costs
  • Compatible with all Betts Lighting product
2010 Lighting Catalog (81 MB Right-click and save)

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